A Complete laser system!

QuickShow is a complete laser system. It is capable of graphics as well as beam effects. It has everything you need for a modern laser light show. QuickShow includes the following capabilities:
  • Still frames (graphics and logos)
  • Animated frames
  • Abstracts
  • Text
  • Automated tracing of bitmaps (BMP, JPG, GIF)



Beams and planes of laser light

Beams and atmospherics
  • Beam targeting
  • Beam shapes (fans, cones, waves, etc.)





Show production methods
  • Live shows (laser jockey)
  • Pre-programmed shows
  • Mixed shows with both live and pre-programmed elements




Advanced technology

QuickShow isn’t just about a better user experience. It also has advanced technology such as the all-new Beyond calculation engine.

Beyond automatically takes care of scanner optimization and color mixing. In tests, QuickShow produced noticeably better image quality. One beta tester said: “It made my scanners look new again!”


Did you know?

The most comon laser colors are red (650nm) green (532nm) and blue (473nm)!